What Families Say

Fabian and I have been meaning to email you since we took your class in July. We wanted to thank you for offering such truly wonderful class. I wish everyone and their partner could have that knowledge going into child birth and parenting. It was beyond what we could have imagined gaining from a birth (and honestly, life skill) class.
— Birgitta
Absolutely fantastic!! I started the class with significant resistance, but after several sessions realized how useful the skill set would be as a person, wife, and mother. Worth every minute/dollar invested!!
— Amo
Judy is fabulous! This class has been so important in helping me stay mindful and present throughout each moment during my pregnancy and my life in general. I loved getting to know the other moms and dads in the class and am so excited to meet our babies in a few weeks
— Sarah
This is a wonderful birthing class. I truly enjoyed every week, and learned so many things to help with labor and life in general! I loved meeting the other parents in the class, as well. Thank you Judy!
— Lauren
I’m so glad this is now available to our Tucson community. Judy’s nature, experience and facilitative style are the best!
— Olga
What a beautiful class, Judy. My deepest gratitude.
— Todd
Judy did the home visit after my daughter’s birth. She still had not latched & I was becoming concerned. Judy quickly noticed a tricky lip & tongue tie right away. She helped me figure out how to feed my daughter in the meantime. It took two procedures in Phoenix, spoons and droppers, expressing and pumping and bottles and tongue exercises & a whole lot of patience, but I am breastfeeding my daughter as I type this. Thank you, Judy!
— Jen & Emmy
LOVE LOVE LOVE JUDY!!! She was there assisting in my second labor and was the best help I could’ve asked for during that time. I then recently met with her for lactation advice and she once again was a huge help
— Rachel