Judy did the home visit after my daughter’s birth. She still had not latched & I was becoming concerned. Judy quickly noticed a tricky lip & tongue tie right away. She helped me figure out how to feed my daughter in the meantime. It took two procedures in Phoenix, spoons and droppers, expressing and pumping and bottles and tongue exercises & a whole lot of patience, but I am breastfeeding my daughter as I type this. Thank you, Judy!
— Jen & Emmy

Breastfeeding my sons was difficult for me and I had to repeatedly adjust my goals. My personal experience, along with my years of helping others achieve their goals, give me a unique perspective. I think preparation and having a realistic knowledge of newborns and their needs is 50% of the work. I start with the premise that babies, just like adults, have needs and their work is to communicate those needs to us. It's our work to learn their language so we can meet those needs.  It's easier than you think, but it does take time, so creating space in your life for your immersion course in Baby is another piece of your work.

Let's chat about your needs and your baby's needs in order to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

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Then Judy saved the day ... by helping us with some breastfeeding challenges after Camden was born and I’m just so very grateful for her patient, loving heart.
— Ashleigh