Looking for a new kind of childbirth education? A course that will prepare you for birth and a newborn, but also decrease stress and improve relationships? Practicing mindfulness can do that for you.

MIndfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting isn't about the method of birth or the place of birth. No one knows how any birth will unfold so it's important to be able to tap into your deep inner resources, both physical and emotional, to work with whatever the birth process brings.  

Mindfulness is good for parents and parents-to-be: Studies suggest it may reduce pregnancy-related anxiety, stress, and depression in expectant parents. Parents who practice mindfulness report being happier with their parenting skills and their relationship with their kids, and their kids were found to have better social skills.
— Greater Good

Mindfulness instruction is interwoven with the topics found in traditional childbirth education. Techniques for working with the intense sensations of labor are practiced in class. Attention is also given to the new role of parent and the relationship changes parenting brings in the 4th Trimester.  Both parents are encouraged to attend the series but when that isn't possible, another support person is welcomed, be it mother, sister, friend or doula.

 First birth or fifth, medicated or unmedicated, hospital or home, mindfulness prepares you for

your birth, your baby.

The pain preparation that we did really helped us to get ready for labor, and it also helped me to understand how to better support (my partner) during the process. Judy is an excellent guide and our experiences in this class continue to help us be the parents and family we want to be.
— Michael

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